​ Continuous Integration & Delivery with Xamarin

Your Step by Step Guide to Build Automation Nirvana​

It has been my experience working with a number of developers and clients that having an automated way of building mobile apps is desired but often put on a back burner for a variety of reasons.

Some of the reasons I have heard are:
  • We have other urgent priorities
  • Too complex to setup
  • Not worth setting up for such a small app
  • I don’t know where to begin
  • And the list goes on...

In the past I would agree that setting up an automated build process was definitely not simple, however with the advent of new services (such as Bitrise.io, HockeyApp, AppVeyor, etc) setting up a build process is a relatively simple affair that everyone should do. So over the next few days (maybe weeks) I will provide a number of posts that will provide details on how we setup our build process for Xamarin mobile apps.

The posts in this series:
  • What we are going to build
  • Getting our first build
  • Setting up our app identifiers
  • Setting up our app icons
  • Setting up our Certificates & Key Stores
  • Setting up our Xamarin Insights
  • Setting up Hockey App
  • Setting up our Environment/Project configuration
  • Setting up our Bitrise.io Workflow Steps
  • Building our first Bitrise.io custom scripts
  • Setting up additional Bitrise.io workflows
  • Cleaning up/refactoring with Bitrise.io Environment variables
  • Setting up UI Tests
  • Delivering apps to the stores
  • Where to go from here

I hope you enjoy the series and hope it helps you setup your build process.